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Pinedo Meneses Rosado (12 bottles)

Pinedo Meneses Rosado (12 bottles)

54,00 €54,00 €

100% Tempranillo PREPARATION: Selection of grapes in the vineyard and winery, then maceration for 12 hours at 10ºC of the flower must. Fermentation in a concrete tank for 24 hours, controlling the temperature at 15ºC in the underground cellar. TASTING NOTES: Pale strawberry color, with notes of red fruits such as raspberry. On the nose it is powerful, giving floral and fruity notes of which fresh and ripe strawberries stand out, without the predominant aroma being what gives more complexity to the wine. Soft and fresh palate, with balanced volume and delicate acidity. PAIRING:This wine pairs perfectly with rice, salads, blue fish and seafood. SERVICE TEMPERATURE: Serve at a temperature between 6 and 8ºC. AWARDS: Gold medal at the 2019 Cannes World Cup of Rosé. Silver medal at the 2022 Brussels World Cup Competition. Gold medal at the 2022 Cannes World Cup of Rosé.

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