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Nosso by Menade (6 bottles)

Nosso by Menade (6 bottles)

75,60 €75,60 €

Natural Verdejo, without the addition of sulfur neither in the field nor in the winery, without sulfur or copper treatments. PREPARATION 100% Verdejo, clay-calcareous and stony soils with abundant edges. 100% natural viticulture (no sulfur, no copper in the field, or sulfites in the winery). In the field for prevention, herbal infusions and ozone are used, among others. Pressing, natural racking and spontaneous fermentation with its wild yeasts, with a fermentation temperature of between 18 and 24ºC. Subsequent spontaneous malolactic fermentation (wild bacteria), subsequent racking and Aged on its lees/sediments for an approximate period of 2 and 3 months. 10% of the wine does this process in barrels. Clarified and filtered in a respectful manner. Bottled maintaining its own carbon dioxide as a natural protector and remaining in the cellar for a time that augurs well for Nosso. SENSORY TASTING Pale golden color. Aroma Very floral, also featuring aromas of pear, quince, grape, ripe citrus, stone fruit, mountain herbs (rockrose, fennel) and white pepper. When opened in the glass, honey, beeswax and brioche take center stage. Palate Voluminous wine, with a wide entrance, with an oily texture. Medium acidity and a certain touch of bitterness in the characteristic aftertaste of Verdeja.

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